2.1: Night in shining armor

10-23-14_7-52 PM

Say hello to our new heir! Night Morbid. 

Traits: Evil, business savy, creative, ambitious

LTW: Fabulously wealthy

10-24-14_6-20 PM

Right when I was starting to think Night was going to be alone forever and I was going to have to adopt he stumbled upon this BEAUTIFUL lady named Hollie.

10-24-14_6-23 PM

There were a few bumps in the road…

10-24-14_6-41 PM

but she agreed to go on a date and it went really well.

10-24-14_6-42 PM-2

He even got his first kiss out of it! Hollie looks shocked lol.

10-24-14_6-46 PM-2

Night took a chance and proposed right then and there and she ACCEPTED!

10-24-14_6-47 PM

They’re just so darn cute.

10-24-14_6-53 PM

They decided to have a proper wedding at the park. Night invited some of the girls that rejected him to rub his beautiful bride in their face and the whole fam showed up. Poor Al has to pee.

10-24-14_6-56 PM

The vows started and quite a big crowd surrounded.

10-24-14_6-56 PM-2

They’re the cutest couple. Poor Alec is still holding it.

10-24-14_6-56 PM-3

Here there are again with twin sister, Storm, in the corner.

10-25-14_2-25 PM

With the added money Hollie brought it in I remodeled the house big time. I even added a backyard and a second story.

10-25-14_2-25 PM-2

Here’s the top story.

10-23-14_7-56 PM

Night got a job as a tech guru because it made the most hourly wage to work toward his LTW.

10-25-14_2-25 PM-3

Here’s an outside view of the house. It’s hideous I know. I’m too into the story to take too much time making a pretty house.

10-25-14_3-09 PM

And here’s a shot of PREGNANT Hollie. 🙂 And she’s a bookworm so she fits right into the Morbid family!


1.5: They grow up so fast. *tear*

10-23-14_7-48 PM

Doesn’t Alec look suave in his criminal garb?

10-23-14_7-46 PM

Don is Alec’s FAVORITE person to mess with. He just convinced him to go streaking!

10-22-14_8-05 PM10-22-14_9-32 AM

10-22-14_8-14 PM

First, a short spam of the house falling to peices and second, a spam of birthdays!

10-23-14_10-15 PM-2

Alec turning into an old man! His mohawk turned blue magically. Odd.

10-23-14_10-26 PM

Here’s Night turning into a very handsome teen, if I do say so myself.

10-23-14_7-38 PM

I forgot to get a birthday shot, but here is cute little nerdy Storm being embarrassed by her mother. That’s little Snow sleeping behind them.

10-23-14_8-04 PM

Storm is a musical sim so I had her pick up a guitar.

10-23-14_8-03 PM

Meanwhile, I sent Night on a girl hunt because I prematurely picked him as heir 🙂 Olivia didn’t seem to like Night’s evil qualities too well…(I actually forced her to move in and they still didn’t get along and another big no no was her LTW was the romance one, so I kicked her out.

10-24-14_12-21 PM-3

Night moved on fast, but he kept blowing it with her as well. (Good thing, though because the next day she was an elder. lol)

10-24-14_5-41 PM

Night moved on and then struck out AGAIN! Will our new heir ever find love??

1.4: Smelly Hugs

10-22-14_7-29 PM-2

Here’s a shot of the twinzies, Storm and Night. So cute. ^_^

10-22-14_7-24 PM

And here’s punk rock daddy Al with the new baby boy, Moon!

10-22-14_7-39 PM

And here’s a shot of the kid’s room. Dinosaur themed. 🙂

10-22-14_7-36 PM

Storm is such a dedicated student she decided to randomly kneel down in the middle of the sidewalk and do her homework.

10-22-14_7-33 PM

Three babies really tired Mama Mar out.

10-23-14_10-02 PM

I totally forgot to tell you guys Marlow is in the Painter career. She’s a HORRIBLE artist though. Here’s one of her sad paintings that looks like one of the twins could have made.

10-23-14_10-20 PM

Here’s an “abstract” painting. REALLY? Oh, and the bag and the bat are rewards Alec has recieved from the criminal career track.

10-22-14_7-35 PM

Here’s Moon all grown up. All their little drawings are so cute. I’ve decided to make this wall a little art gallery for all the generations of Morbid kids.

10-22-14_7-41 PM

Here’s Night hugging Drago. Precious.

10-22-14_7-42 PM

Storm is now scarred for life. She walked in on her father in the bathtub. Im so sorry, Storm. I will add a new bathroom as soon as I can!

10-22-14_7-45 PM

Twin Time 🙂

10-22-14_7-53 PM

Would it really kill you Marlow to be happy for once when you found out you were pregnant?

10-23-14_12-22 AM

And here is the last possible heir to the next generation! A male named Snow. Mommy greeted him with a smelly hug. How lovely.

1.3: Double Trouble

10-21-14_10-54 PM

Here’s Alec being his charming self.

10-21-14_10-55 PM

This is probably the only fight Alec has EVER won. He even loses in fights with girls. How embarrassing, Al.

10-21-14_11-05 PM

Mar staying up late, reading in bed. So cute.

10-21-14_11-14 PM

I gave Alec a punk rock makeover so he didn’t look like such a dweeb anymore. Marlow is about to burst! And there’s a random stranger who let himself in. I hate when they do that.

10-21-14_11-29 PM

They had TWINS! My first babies are TWINS! So excited! Marlow is holding the boy named Night and Alec has the girl named Storm.

10-21-14_11-59 PM

Here is Marlow reading to child Storm.

10-22-14_7-11 PM

Here’s little Night looking over at his father. Isn’t he too darn cute in that leather jacket?! (BTW he’s an evil male so he’s one possible heir 🙂 )

10-22-14_7-18 PM

Marlow realizing the cooking struggle is real.

10-22-14_7-20 PM

Another baby bump! Again, Marlow looks so very pleased.

1.2: Making the Neighbors feel Welcome Morbid family-style

10-21-14_9-51 PM

As you can see, Alec actually stuck around! It’s a miracle! I guess it is possible for evil sims to find love. They’re quite the cute couple, am I right?

10-21-14_9-52 PM

Marlow tried to make her move, but there were two children present and no walls….awkward…

10-21-14_9-54 PM

I fixed that quickly, though. Please ignore my horrible, horrible building skills. Can’t even make a proper shack. *sigh* Anyway, the important thing is they got to do the dirty finally and…

10-21-14_10-07 PM


10-21-14_10-08 PM

SHE’S PREGNANT! Geez, try not to look TOO excited, Mar…I know you’re gloomy but come ON.

10-21-14_10-13 PM

At least Alec showed some entusiasm. At least, I THINK that’s excitement. Hard to tell.

10-21-14_10-14 PM


10-21-14_10-15 PM

And then they decided to get married right then and there. Why not? It’s the sims after all.

10-21-14_10-47 PM

After Alec moved in, I made them a nicer, bigger house with that 20 thou he brought in. CHA-CHING.I tried to make a gloomy, gothicy style decor.

10-21-14_10-49 PM

Alec then introduced himself to the neighbors…with his fists…Turns out he loves causing mischief just as much as Marlow. No wonder they got along so well.

1.1: Making Enemies in all the Right Places

Founder: Marlow Morbid

Traits: Evil, Gloomy, Bookworm, Dastardly

Aspiration: Chief of Mischief

Gender Law: Strict Equality

Bloodline Law: Traditional

Heir Law:Exemplar (Evil Trait)

10-21-14_9-20 PM-2

Introducing Marlow Morbid. . As you can see she’s a very charming and graceful sim…not. Finding a man that will want to deal with that will not be easy.

10-21-14_9-19 PM

Here is her beautiful …lawn. By the way, I’m new to this whole legacy thing so please bear with me. I didn’t feel like bulldozing a house so I just bought a little bit smaller lot and bought a couple more statues beside the knight to make it even. I usually play with cheats so this is going to be a challenge for me. Anyway, on to the man hunt!

10-21-14_9-26 PM

I thought the challenge would be Marlow’s mischievous manner(wow, say that 10 times fast), but it was actually hard to find any man in her age range. Did I somehow move her into Sim Leisure World?

10-21-14_9-28 PM

I finally found eligible bachelor #1. Since there weren’t any gothic clubs or poetry cafes, she had to resort to the gym in the hopes that not every man there was a meathead. This guy seemed promising, but they did not get along even remotely…Poor Mar.

10-21-14_9-33 PM

Luckily, Mar found 3 other possible mates. Don was way too douchey for her liking and the other one on the treadmill was busy but this other fellow seemed promising…

10-21-14_9-34 PM

Meet Alec Pike. Equally as charming and graceful as Marlow. Once they hid it off and I found out he was a gloomy sim as well, I knew Marlow had found her match and she didn’t waste ANY time.

10-21-14_9-37 PM

She invited him over to get to baby-making but not before peeing in front of him first…Lovely, Mar. Really smooth.

10-21-14_9-37 PM-3

There was another passerby. She was completely disturbed hahah. In the next chapter, we’ll find out if Alec was too weirded out by Marlow or if he stuck around.